About Us

This business was created by a vision given to the Owner, Monica Macias, by God.  In December of 2020, Monica was faced with a traumatic event that lead her to God in "Survival Mode."  Whereas she did not know who else to turn to but the God that she knew could help her through what she was experiencing.  Monica went straight to work on learning God's word, isolated herself, and focused on all the promises and blessings in her life.  As Monica grew spiritually and gained clarity about God's will, she began to change her perspective on life and found herself enjoying even the trials and tribulations she faced.  Her faith grew immensely and God gave her the vision of utilizing her creativity to bring others to His kingdom, which lead to naming her business God's Will Designs.

Monica Macias is a mother of 2 amazing children and a committed member of I Belong Christian Family Church, where she plays a role on their Media Team. Monica is also a co-host of a podcast called Stay Strong. Stay You. where she helps individuals become better versions of themselves and build confidence with self-care and self-love tips and strategies. Monica Macias also became a Best-Selling Author as a co-author with eight other amazingly gifted women on a Parenting and Mentoring book called, She Chose Him and Screwed Me-Nine Reasons for Her Decision.  Autographed books are available!

Thank you in advance for visiting our site and all of your support.  Blessings and grace to each and every one of you.